Feature Film & Video Editor

Take a look at some of my work as a feature film & video editor! https://vimeo.com/aaronkrygier

Part of my journey to be a feature film & video editor came from the harsh reality about working in the film industry whether you’re in Hollywood or your hometown is that very few artists are fortunate enough to consider themselves as working. The phrase ‘working actor’ is particularly harsh in Buffalo, with a bevy of professional and semi-pro caliber theaters, performers, and a growing film community.

Jillian Geurts Acting Reel

The Film Business

Something that always struck me as I was doing my theater training was how many ex-actors were working as techs on the other side of the coin. This doesn’t necessarily mean they were terrible actors, but they found a passion behind the scenes. The funny thing is, there’s a lot more of them as working then there are performers. As someone who thinks of the craft before everything else, this made me think of what else I could do to be engaged with production.

Video Editing like Directing

When I produced my three Click Chamber shorts, I wrote, directed, and edited them, learning on the fly but knowing that I controlled the stories, I had the finality of creativity. In a lot of a ways, editing is like directing. You get to look at all the different talent from every angle. What works? What doesn’t? Sometimes the job requires specifics, but sometimes…you just let it fly. That’s the beauty of being a feature film & video editor, especially on your own indie project. You are able to tell the story YOU want.

Rust Belt Driller – Horror Film Trailer

Feature Film Editing and Available in Buffalo

I’m available for feature films, shorts, music videos, and actor demo reels! Happy to work in all mediums with any kind of project! I can also work with sound design, as I did for the 48 Hour Film Project Buffalo winner of 2018! Read more about Summer Lost here. Contact me and let’s make some art!

Partial Film & Video Editing Resume

  • Rust Belt Driller – Feature – Razor Wire Alchemy / Hi Glennn! Films – 2021
  • The Geometries of Desire – Feature – Razor Wire Alchemy – 2018
  • Red Scream Vampyres – Release Trailer – Red Scream Films – 2019
  • Disintegration – Release Trailer – Razor Wire Alchemy – 2019
  • Jillian Guerts – Demo Reel – 2019