Rust Belt Driller – Indie Horror Film

Rust Belt Driller Horror Film Marquee

Designed by Mark Kosobucki

Independent Horror Film

Rust Belt Driller is a love letter to horror films from the 70s and 80s, with a dose of splatter punk and psychological elements, Rust Belt Driller ticks all the boxes of a modern horror classic. Influences includes Session 9, Driller Killer (no surprise!), Videodrome, Taxi Driver, Perfect Blue, The House that Jack Built, and more. #RBD aims to appeal to horror lovers of all genres and types.

Rust Belt Driller had it’s world premiere at the 2021 Dances With Films Festival in Los Angeles, and kicked off the Midnight Movie category! We had our Buffalo premiere at the Buffalo International Film Festival ,and the DVD was released on March 22, 2022!

A Love Story About a Boy & His Drill…

Renn Maxwell seems to have everything going for him. He has a manager that cares and he’s good enough at his craft (visual art) to have private gallery screenings. He lives in a nice looking house and has a committed, streetwise, beautiful partner in Carol. But Renn has been followed all his life by something dark. Now, with the chaos of the modern world, and his own inner horrors, that evil has gotten close enough to reach out and touch. What follows in the next few days will pain the city of Buffalo, NY a whole new canvas, mostly flowing red.

Rust Belt Driller is now available on Tubi and Amazon!