The Division -RPG Into Futility

The Division – A Weird Relationship So Far This is not a negative article trashing The Division. There are plenty of articles out there putting a bad spin on what could’ve been the Game of the Year. This is more my disappointment after reaching the end game and what just doesn’t work within the confines… Read more »

Click Chamber The Mosiah – Indie Film Day 2

 Click Chamber The Mosiah and Johnny – Day 2 Day Two brought us our second short: Click Chamber The Mosiah, the beginnings of a character that was not in the initial source material. We worked today on a scene that shows his thought process, attitudes, and motivations. We show the first glimpse to the world… Read more »

Indie Film – Click Chamber Day One

Filming The Daughter It’s been a long time coming, but it happened. October 2nd, 2015, we filmed the first step in my Indie Film project Click Chamber. Day one was focused on one of the characters initially from the play, The Daughter. This is a character that has undergone more change than most in the… Read more »

Hull City Away Matches and More

Road Warriors or Nomadic Tigers? Hull City Away Matches With the international break over its back to business as usual which means the Tigers  were back at it with a similar theme; ineptitude in an away match. Dropping crucial points at current world beaters Brighton the general consensus was that we just weren’t good enough…. Read more »

My love affair with the Hull City Tigers

I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with some fellow Hull City Tigers supporters over in the UK, and was approached to write an article about my thoughts. SO I did and you can see that article right here . Just this week I finished my thoughts on not being in the Premier League this year,… Read more »

New Site Post

Hooray a new site! Let’s see how all that marketing training works moving forward. I love mimes.