My love affair with the Hull City Tigers

I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with some fellow Hull City Tigers supporters over in the UK, and was approached to write an article about my thoughts. SO I did and you can see that article right here . Just this week I finished my thoughts on not being in the Premier League this year, and my thoughts and musings on the current situation of the team and how I feel about where we’re at.

Premier League Blues Just Not the Same without the Black and Amber Hue

Several weeks on into the footballing season, life just isn’t the same without the Tigers in the Premier League. As a fan of football, it’s not hard to peek in on some of the top clashes or watch the new boys scrap and claw at their first taste of the champagne life. But the allure isn’t there; the endless checking of scores to see where we’ll be jostling for position, looking forward to Goal Zone (well sort of. It’s NBC’s watered down MOTD). Saturdays last season were religion for me and the roommate; an early wake up, breakfast out, and back in front of the television to put head in hand and yell things we wouldn’t say in front of our mothers.

This year I’m not even making it through Manchester City and Chelsea without being distracted over something shiny or colorful. I’m not worrying about what time I wake up on Saturday or the odd Sunday anymore. I’m looking with a hopeful eye that we’re one of the featured games that Sky is broadcasting over here in the States. The roommate and I got treated to back to back broadcasts against Wolves (where they were mediocre) and Charlton (where they were dull AND poor), so we’re hoping for better broadcasts soon. I say hoping because even as higher end odds are for us to go right back up, we don’t seem to get the coverage and respect of some of the others in the Championship.

I’ve got the out of the Premier League Blues.

And while we’re at it:

I’m over Tom Huddlestone. I was done last year, but I was willing to listen to the injury woes. But he’s still slow, gets winded quickly, and just looks uninterested. I remember being in Brooklyn, NY last year on business and was fortunate to catch the Tigers and Villa at the pub. My knowledge impressed a Tottenham fan (who as the world turns had spent time in my home city of Buffalo, NY before) and he asked me who I thought had been the impact player of the season. Shocked that I didn’t say Huddlestone and that I thought Livermore had more upside, he asked me why. I said the same thing then: He’s slow and gets tired. Maybe it’s just because he’s not used to the full schedule match in and match out, but he’s inconsistent and slow. He looks done at least in a Tiger’s shirt and I think most fans are too. The Preston victory without him makes for an interesting moment.

With Jelavic seemingly out the door and Chuba Akpom full of promise but not confirmation yet, everyone is going to assume we’ll get another rocket foot in the door, but with those aspirations proving difficult so far, I believe the key can still come from last season. A fit Mo Diame doesn’t even require thought; Snodgrass will be a bonus at this point and is good for a few goals, and early indications suggest that Abel Hernandez (yes that one) is motivated and in a proper mindset. I have no doubt he heard my screams from across the way last season, but there’s something different about his approach so far. He’s going towards the net with a different purpose, and his goals are coming in scrappy, hungry ways. Curious to see how it shakes as the season wears on, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a different Hernandez this season.

I still think the link up play through midfield needs work, and Shaun Maloney should help navigate that from all accounts. Both Elmo and Robertson have been hot and cold so far, so we’ll be looking for solidarity from them especially with Huddlestone in outer space and Livermore uncertain. I’d be interested in seeing if Harry Maguire might put a shift in as a holding midfielder and for me on most match days Meyler is an automatic start, though the headache some will point out is that he’s not the match winner on his own.

And finally, we need another keeper. For the saves McGregor made last year, he also cost us some vital points. Again (re: Huddlestone) we hear about how he was injured, and it would appear that there were issues in his personal life as well to distract, but sticky fingers he has shown he is not. Jakupovic hasn’t shown he’s capable, so a capable deputy is a must, and I’d prefer to see someone that will push our current number one to see if he can hold the spot.

A good start has us all with early hopeful thoughts. Let’s keep them coming boys! That’s all for now from Buffalo. UTT!

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