The Division -RPG Into Futility

The Division – A Weird Relationship So Far

This is not a negative article trashing The Division. There are plenty of articles out there putting a bad spin on what could’ve been the Game of the Year. This is more my disappointment after reaching the end game and what just doesn’t work within the confines of the world.

I play The Division on PS4. I typically run a 2 man crew with my roommate. We haven’t participated in any glitch fests, though we did farm Hutch for the scraps he would dump over and over. We haven’t finished Falcon Lost, because it’s nigh impossible with only 2 players, but also because we were done with Horde Mode a few years ago. We both have gear scores in the 180s. I run SMG/Assault/Sniper and he runs LMG/Assault.

That’s all well, good, and wonderful, and that’s been the way it has been for over a month now. No progress in stats. No better items. Neither of us have found joy in just grinding away in the Dark Zone. I know I know, that’s where the penultimate gear is. We’ve been trying to help a few other friends get up to par so we can run a 4 person crew, but everyone has a life, so that’s slow going. The allure of Phoenix credits is waning, mostly because the gear vendor has little to offer that’s any good. DZ credits build so slow that by the time I can buy the M1A it won’t be the center of the game’s universe anymore.

Despite ALL of this, the real problem for players like me is… what did I pay for? What is the season pass yielding besides some… gun skins? The story which has an interesting kernel but goes nowhere is not interesting. Aaron Keener IS. But we know nothing about him. The end page of the story has him essentially calling you out on your own motives but since you’re a mute who doesn’t know anyone else on the team, what is the reaction? If I’m not in it for the PvP, something has to give.

I’m curious to see where they go with Keener in The Division because as a fan of the bad guy I usually want them to win. But there’s something very specific about Keener’s rationale for his actions, that him being a bad guy is irrelevant because it’s what should’ve happened in the beginning. There’s a really obnoxious exchange between Doctor Kandel and Faye Lau (Game Informer Dork of the Year candidate for sure) where they try to pontificate on if humanity deserves to survive this because we inflicted it upon ourselves. Then this righteous crusade kind of stops. It doesn’t go anywhere.

What is this RPG about?

So where’s the message? Where’s the story? What is inciting me to grind endlessly in the DZ knowing that if I’m gunned down it’s probably by someone who spammed Falcon Lost’s walls as opposed to an even fight? I’ve watched people’s live feeds of just hunting other players in the DZ, who openly admit to cheating and then get MAD when they get gunned down. Something is wrong there, but they’re only getting fixed one issue at a time.

Yeck. Yeck. Yeck.

I’ve put in hardcore time and dedication to this. I need something more from it. Borderlands was one of the first games I really got into that encouraged you to spam an endgame boss for different loot. But Borderlands (and it’s subpar sequel) had emotion, color, and flair. All I’m getting here is the dude that claims his back is jacked up and he needs some meds. And I have to hear that over and over again. Why does Paul Rhodes keep telling me he’s too busy to talk when I have no vocal chords?

The new update about to drop (1.2) seems like there are some things to enrich the experience, but I’m not holding my breath. The overall presentation of the game has been mediocre. I’m not quitting, but you’ve got to impress me to continue on.

The roommate and I need some partners for Falcon Lost – Get at me at canned_fruit on PSN!

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